Meet the Creators - ICONYC

Evis Rotsides


Evelthon brings his experience, vision and precision into the creation of the ICONYC. Advanced in the hospitality industry and having been involved with many international projects in the Americas, Europe and Africa. He pushes the boundaries in each project and his success has been founded upon his ability to acquire property, develop it to its full potential, and manage it effectively.

Byron Kyriakides


A passionate entrepreneur and philanthropist, Byron has gained experience in many different industries, ranging from real estate to record labels, and has a broad knowledge base in business combined with a unique outlook on life. Byron offers 14 years of construction expertise specifically in the concrete industry. He has worked closely with some of the best architects and engineer’s on the African continent and has helped in the creation of many extraordinary homes and buildings.

Demetris Charalambous

Interior Designer

Demetris currently resides in New York City and is fascinated by the role and impact of physical space on human behavior, he is driven by the need to explore, innovate and shape environments that excite the senses and provoke emotions. He embraces disciplines including architecture, interior design, exhibit design, lighting, graphic design, branding, signage & wayfinding, user & visitor experience all interwoven to create imaginative, unique and sustainable environments that meet or exceed the client’s expectations.

Telly Ververis


A specialist in socially-engaged, contextually-appropriate and environmentally-conscious design. His approach to each project is a deep commitment to the collaborative process. He wishes to create a product which meets the architectural goals of each client by welcoming a shared creative vision. He believes that great design has meaning and consequence. This philosophy binds us together and inspires us to embrace a breadth of expression.

Frank Walker

Civil & Structural Engineer

Frank has had fifteen years structural and civil experience and more than twenty years’ experience in the consulting circles. He has become invaluable in the industry by applying his knowledge to engineering solutions. His experience also entails site administration of various multi-disciplined engineering projects and has a reputation of successfully handling such projects from conception to completion.

His company Bakopane Civil Consultants is currently led by the vision of members who have a particular sphere of interest and share complementary global expertise. Frank has perfected his craft through direct involvement in academic, consulting, public service and construction circles.

Wicus Herbst


Wicus is an award winning landscaper with extensive local and international experience. His expertise are primarily focused on environmentally sound practices. With the use of technologically advanced data collection, he is able to utilize his skills in various disciples of agriculture and ornamental horticulture to create a harmonious blend between the building and it’s landscape.