About - ICONYC

About the Iconyc

Intimate, individualized and utterly exclusive, our apartments and surrounding living spaces have been carefully designed to cater to your every need. ICONYC offers a unique living experience; your apartment will be tailor designed to your individual style and needs and as for the surrounding communal areas these have been designed to encompass the living style of the new age person. Everything around you meets the highest standards and was conceived, designed and personalized with precision, with passion and with your dreams in mind. Uncompromising excellence and unsurpassed elegance.

Why the NYC

From their extensive travels around the globe, the developers have highlighted the best and most innovative concepts in residential living and applied them into each of their projects. The New York living experience is second to none and they have captured its essence in this spectacular new development. New York is the embodiment of new age, high end living and this is reflective of the living standard in the ICONYC. New York’s stunning Central Park is the epicentre of New York, and at the ICONYC we have placed the same importance on our outdoor lifestyle with our designer gardens and activity areas.

Our Ethos

To create a structure worthy of its name with a living space which fully encompassed all the senses while making use of all the natural elements to create this unique and modern living space for all at the ICONYC.

Urban Dictionary

Highly original, widely celebrated in popular culture, a unique work of art.